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State of emergency declared to prevent violence against women in Puerto Rico

A state of emergency was declared in Puerto Rico to prevent violence against women. In Puerto Rico, where an average woman dies due to violence every week, according to 2019 figures, a series of measures will be implemented to protect women under the state of emergency.

After the increasing violence against women in Puerto Rico, a measure plan came from the administration.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi, who took an oath earlier this month as the governor of the US-affiliated country as administration, announced an executive order aimed at preventing gender-based violence and protecting women through a series of programs.

Those who will be protected will be able to seek help from security forces in case of threat and danger with applications that can be downloaded to their mobile phones.

It will be provided for better monitoring of these women within the framework of the program for the protection of women who have “decided not to come close” to their abusers.

Within the scope of the measures to be taken, homosexuals and transsexuals will be protected.

In Puerto Rico, where there are the most violence against women in the world compared to the population, according to the figures of 2019, an average woman dies from violence every week.

Efforts will be made to ensure the effectiveness of the measures to be taken through the committee to be established. This committee will also have the opportunity to present new proposals to protect women.

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi said in a written statement, “The measures are aimed at combating an evil that has caused significant damage for so long. The victims were targeted by the consequences of systematic machismo, inequality, discrimination, lack of education, lack of guidance and above all inaction. “

Written by Maraaz

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