New step from Telegram: Users will be able to migrate their WhatsApp chat history

Telegram, whose number of users increased rapidly after the change dictated by WhatsApp to its users, introduced a feature that will facilitate the transition between applications.

The repercussions of the mandatory update decision continues, as WhatsApp, the messaging application within Facebook, does not give users the right to choose.

After this decision of the messaging application WhatsApp, many competing applications reached millions of new users in a short time. Telegram, one of those applications, has gained a feature that will be very useful for WhatsApp users.

Telegram has introduced a feature that will facilitate the transition between applications. Now, WhatsApp users will be able to carry their chats as they switch to Telegram.

So what should be done to transfer WhatsApp chat history to Telegram?

Here is the 7 step way to move your WhatsApp chat history to Telegram …

1- Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone or Android phone.

2- Open the chat you want to move from WhatsApp application to Telegram.

3- Click the name of the group or contact chat on WhatsApp. Click on the export chat option from the menu that opens.

4- You can transfer your chats by including photos and videos if you wish. From this screen, choose from the media free or include media options

5- Select the Telegram application from the share menu that will appear after this process.

6- Select the Telegram chat you want to transfer your chat histories to.

7- Select the Import option from the screen that opens.

Written by Maraaz

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