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Defrauded dozens of people with his fake Elon Musk account

CEO of electric car maker Tesla and space company SpaceX. Cyber fraudsters using Elon Musk’s name stole users’ crypto money.

Cyber fraudsters who opened a fake Elon Musk account on the micro blog site Twitter launched an interesting fraud using Elon Musk’s name. Cyber crooks who open a fake Elon Musk account on the micro blog site Twitter. Using Elon Musk’s name, they launched an interesting fraud.

Fraudsters who leave a comment message to US President Trump’s post. Claimed that would give cryptocurrencies to users who acted early.

The fraudsters who included a website link in the said share collected 32 thousand dollars worth of bitcoin.

The scammers trapped dozens of people by sharing on an account with a blue click offered by Twitter.

For this, the scammers took over the confirmed account of BusinessChicks CEO Emma Isaacs.

Twitter account was changed in a short time and the website was closed. Fraudsters lost their mysteries.

Written by Maraaz

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