They made diamonds in a lab setting

Diamond that is formed in billions of years under very high pressure and temperature in nature. It was produced at room temperature in a laboratory environment.

Scientists obtained diamonds in the lab within minutes at room temperature. It is stated that normally the formation of diamond is a process that requires billions of years, high pressure and very high temperature.

Professor Jodie Bradby of the National Australian University said that the key to the work in the lab is the way they apply pressure, and that they allow carbon to experience what is called “skidding” as well as very high pressure.

Details about the two types of diamonds created in the lab at room temperature by the team from the national Australian and RMIT universities have been published in Small magazine.

Bradby said they thought this “skidding”, which resembles the power of bending, causes carbon atoms to move somewhere, forming two types of diamonds.

Written by Maraaz

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