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Young bedridden selling kidney to buy an iPad in China

The young man who sold his kidney to buy an iPad 2 in China in 2011 was sentenced to life-long bed due to kidney failure.

Wang Shangkun, 17, who sold his kidney to buy an iPad 2 in China in 2011, was on the world agenda. Shangkun had sold a kidney for $ 3,200 over the internet to buy an iPad 2 due to lack of funds. Shangkun later told the Chinese media that he had undergone illegal surgery to remove his right kidney in Hunan province. He stated that the surgery was performed by two doctors working at a local hospital.

Shangkun had bought an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4 phone with the money he received after the surgery. Mother Shangkun, suspicious of the situation when she returned home with her new devices, made Shangkun confess to how she bought the phone and tablet. “When my son came home with a tablet and a phone, I asked him where the money came from. Finally he could not bear it, he told everything and said that he sold his kidney. The moment he said this, our world collapsed.”

9 people were arrested after the details of the illegal organ trade were revealed. While 5 of those arrested were accused of intentional injury and organ trafficking, among those charged were surgeons, brokers, operating room renter and people searching for organs through online chat.

Surgery in Wang Shangkun, who is currently in his mid-20s, under unhealthy conditions. Renal failure started with infection in his organs due to insufficient postoperative care.

Shangkun, who became bedridden as his condition worsened. He goes on dialysis every day. After the arrest of those involved in illegal organ trafficking, the court. The court decided to pay 300 thousand dollars in compensation to Shangkun’s family.

Written by Maraaz

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