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You are fired from Donald Trump to Barack Obama

US President Donald Trump referred to the Apprentice program that made him famous years ago. He is on the agenda with the video where he made fun of former president Barack Obama.

Donald Trump was known for his Apprentice program. In this program that brought him fame, Trump was etched in memories when he said “You are fired” without hesitation to those who were trying to hold on to the business world and failed.

Trump is now on the agenda with a video that reminds this program and includes former president Barack Obama.

Trump hits a black actor to impersonate the former president in the video. He seems to take him to his office and say “You are fired” as in the program.

The scene was shot in 2013 and was shown at the Republican Party National Congress in 2016. The video, which has not been reflected in the press until today, has been on the agenda recently.

In the video used by Trump, who was a candidate for the presidency in the November 3 election, during the previous election campaign, it is noteworthy that he brought “fake Obama to his office in Trump Tower and used condescending statements.

Finally, it is seen that he uses the phrase “You are fired”, which is identified with Trump.

The recently released video angered Trump opponents.

Written by Maraaz

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