What is a monolith?

What is a monolith? (Mysterious monolith found in California, after Utah and Romania). A metal monolith was found in the middle of the desert in the US state of Utah and caught the attention of the whole world. The authorities speculated that the found structure was placed by a fan because of its similarity to the blocks in Stanley Kubrick’s movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.” After the mysterious structure disappeared, a new monolith was discovered in the town of Atascadero, first in Romania and then in California.

A monolith is an apparently mountain-like geological or technological massive mass of monoliths or rocks. These masses, which are often of very hard and solid metamorphic rock, have generally revealed erosion.

Today, the three largest monoliths on earth are found in Australia, Mexico and the USA.

On the other hand, a mysterious monolith has emerged in California after Utah in the USA, according to a report based on a local newspaper by the Guardian. Dozens of hikers strolled through the town of Atascadero discovered the monolith at the top of Pine mountain and then shared their photos.

However, it was stated that the metal structure, which is not known by whom it was placed, had three sides, was 3 meters tall and 45 centimeters wide.

On the other hand, unlike its counterpart in Utah, which is firmly mounted on the rocks where it is located, it was stated that the Atascadero monolith was shaken and could tip over if force was applied.

The tall and shiny metal monolith, which was discovered by chance on November 18 by national park officials who conducted an aerial wild sheep count in the US state of Utah, attracted the attention of the whole world.

However, while research continues into who and when the structure, which seemed to have emerged from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey,” was placed in the desert, the Utah State Land Office (BLM) announced last weekend that the mysterious object had disappeared.

The “monolith”, which mysteriously appeared in the US state of Utah and then mysteriously disappeared, also appeared in Romania the other day. Unlike the block in the middle of the desert in Utah, this metal structure has traces that appear to be made with a hammer. It is not known how the 4-meter monolith in northern Romania got to its location.

Written by Maraaz

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