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Votes will be recounted in the state of Georgia US

The results of the presidential elections held in the US on November 3 are not yet clear. It decided to recount the votes in Georgia with 16 delegates.

Although the Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the elections by reaching 279 delegates according to unofficial results in the presidential elections in the US.

In Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia, with a total of 42 delegates, the results are not yet clear.

Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger at a press conference today. He announced that the votes cast in the state where Biden is seen in the lead with 14 thousand votes will be counted one by one.

Stating that the vote counting process can take until 20 November, Raffensperger. He stated that as a result of the votes counted manually, the losing party may request a vote count with the machine again.

In the US presidential elections, the number of people reaching 270 delegates, more than half of the 538 delegates, is eligible to sit in the presidential seat.

Written by Maraaz

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