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US President Biden signed 2 decrees addressing the groups most affected by Covid-19

US President Joe Biden signed 2 new decrees for people in the low-income group and federal employees most affected by the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19).


Biden, who took the presidency on January 20, continues to sign presidential decrees for the Covid-19 outbreak and the economy.

Explaining that the Covid-19 pandemic seriously affected all segments of the country at a press conference at the White House, Biden said, “We must act now for Americans in difficult conditions, we must take decisive and strong steps.” gave the message.

Emphasizing that the economic crisis in the country is deepening and the number of people who lost their lives due to Covid-19 is gradually increasing, Biden said, “The majority of America is in a difficult situation, the virus is spreading, families are starving, people are in danger of being removed from their homes, and layoffs are increasing again. . ” made its evaluation.

Biden added that the $ 2 trillion economic support package receives support from many sectors as well as the business world, and if they take the necessary steps, the American economy will be stronger in both the short and long term.

After his speech, Biden signed two presidential decrees in front of the cameras. One decree provides for families in the low-income group to receive faster Covid-19 economic support benefits and increase food aid to children of needy families, while the other stipulates that the minimum hourly wage for federal employees will be raised to $ 15.

US President Biden signed numerous presidential decrees in his first 3 days in office, reversing many steps from the previous President Donald Trump era.

Written by Maraaz

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