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UK AstraZeneca statement: Available January 4th

It announced that the AstraZeneca vaccine developed for the coronavirus vaccine. With Oxford University in England will released on January 4.

Following the vaccine of the German BioNTech company and its US partner Pfizer. A second coronavirus vaccine approved in England. British Ministry of Health Wednesday, the UK-Sweden-based pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Announced that the vaccine he developed in cooperation with Oxford University approved.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced that the AstraZeneca vaccine developed for the coronavirus vaccine with Oxford University will released on January 4.

People over the age of 80 and frontline health and care workers in the UK are among the first groups to receive the vaccine. The vaccination program launched in 70 hospitals across the country. For the first time, and vaccination cards given to those who vaccinated.

Reminders for those to be vaccinated are sent to their mobile phones via text messages.

The biggest challenge with Biontech and Pfizer vaccine is that the vaccine has to be stored in minus 70 degrees refrigerators.

On the other hand, more than a million people in the UK have been vaccinated so far. By the end of the year with about 500 vaccination points across the country.

The Covid-19 vaccine, the largest vaccination campaign in the history of the UK. National Health System, first introduced on December 8.

Written by Maraaz

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