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Two war criminals living in embassy for 29 years to go out

Two former ministers of the bloody Derg regime in Ethiopia. They are release after 29 years at the Italian Embassy. The Ethiopian court abolished the death penalty for former ministers.

An event that caused diplomatic crisis between Italy and Ethiopia is resolve years later. The two former ministers of the Derg regime, which was overthrown in Ethiopia in 1991, will soon leave Italy’s Embassy in Addis Ababa.

Former Foreign Minister Berhanu Bayeh and former Chief of General Staff Addis Tedla took refuge in the embassy. 29 years ago and have been living there ever since.

The two former ministers were sentenced to death in 2008. The Ethiopian Federal Court recently revoked the arrest warrants of the two former ministers. President Sahle-Work Zewde converted the death sentences of Bayeh, 82, and Tedla, 74, to life imprisonment.They could not leave the Italian Embassy, where they took refuge on May 26, 1991.

Written by Maraaz

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