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Trump plans to take revenge on those who betrayed

The news that Donald Trump, who handed his position in the White House to the 46th President Joe Biden four days ago, started to backstage politics, is on the agenda of the US press. According to the report of the Washington Post, one of the capital’s major political newspapers, it is alleged that Donald Trump is preparing to “take revenge” on the Republican senators who betrayed him with the approach of the vote on the impeachment process in the senate.

Donald Trump, who spent the first weekend after taking over the US Presidency, playing golf at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, allegedly planned to ‘take revenge’ on Republicans he believed betrayed him.

In addition, four days after leaving the White House, Trump continued to give tips on forming a new party.

According to The Washington Post, Trump talked to those next to him while he was playing golf ‘how he can take revenge on the Republicans who betrayed him’.

According to the US press, Trump’s target Republicans include Liz Cheney, the party’s number 3 in the House of Representatives, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, and those who accuse him of promoting the Kapitol attack and those who do not admit that ‘election manipulation’.


The Washington Post also wrote that Donald Trump continues to give clues to those around him while golfing that he could start new parties with the names MAGA (Make America Great Again) or the Patriot Party.

The House of Representatives will send to the Senate today accusations that ‘Trump is provoking the public over Congressional attacks’. The hearings will begin on 8 February. On the other hand, although some Republican names are expected to vote against Trump, it is not thought that this will be enough for the 2/3 majority required to dismiss Trump.

Written by Maraaz

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