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Trump approves F-35 fighter jet sale to UAE on the last day of his mission

US President Joe Biden, who took office, announced that he would review the F-35 agreement with the UAE.

It is stated that former US President Donald Trump signed an agreement granting approval for the sale of F-35 type fighter aircraft to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the last day of his duty.

According to the news that Reuters based on sources aware of the USA and UAE agreement, it was stated that Trump approved the sale of 50 F-35 type fighter aircraft and 18 Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to the Abu Dhabi administration.

US President Joe Biden, who took office today, said he would review the agreement.

The UAE, one of the major US allies in the Middle East, has long wanted to buy the F-35 from Washington.

The UAE’s demand was paved after it normalized its relations with Israel in November 2020 with an agreement.

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