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Trump announces agreement between Sudan and Israel to normalize relations

LAST MINUTE NEWS: US President Donald Trump announced that Sudan and Israel have reached an agreement to normalize their relations. However, Trump informed Congress that he signed his decision to remove Sudan from the list of “countries supporting terrorism”.

Breaking news! “Israel and Sudan have reached an agreement to make peace and normalize their relations,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office.

Trump claims that there are at least 5 more countries waiting to make peace with Israel. He emphasized that one of these countries is Saudi Arabia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sudan Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk also attended the meeting in the Oval Office via teleconference.

Minutes before Trump appeared before reporters at the Oval Office, the White House made a statement on Sudan. He stated that Trump informed the Congress that he signed the decision to remove Sudan from the list of “countries supporting terrorism”.

The said step was taken right after Sudan’s “payment of $ 335 million to the victims of terror”. Thanked for the understanding he showed to the administration of the country.

Behind the scenes contact process between the Gulf countries, especially the UAE, and Israel for a long time.

Written by Maraaz

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