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Tori Spelling: I cried a lot because of my image in the makeup chair

Tori Spelling made a name for herself with the Beverly Hills 90210 production, which came to the screen for a while. She explained that she humiliated and verbally abused because of the shape of her eyes in her childhood.

Spelling says, “For years I begged make-up artists to make my eyes look small in dramas or movies I starred in. I cried a lot because of my appearance in the makeup chair.”

Tori Spelling, daughter of the legendary Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling. She said that in her youth she called a ‘frog’ or ‘insect’ because of her appearance.

Spelling explained that at that time she humiliated and faced with verbal abuse that was difficult to endure.

The 47-year-old actress shared on her social media account how brutal criticism of the physical image affects people. Tori Spelling stated that it was very difficult to cope with such criticisms in her upbringing, and expressed that she hated her eyes at that time.

Spelling shared the following words in her post:

When I started the 90210 series, I didn’t have much confidence. Then internet trolls called me ‘bug-eyed’, ‘frog-eyed’. As a teenager, it was difficult to be under the microscope like this. For years, I begged make-up artists to show my eyes small in dramas or movies I starred in. I cried because of my appearance in the makeup chair.

The actress stated that one day his father told him “Eyes are the mirror that opens to the soul” and that her views began to change in the movie Scream 2, where she starred in 1997.

The American actress stated that when she saw the image of that film shot in a scene on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, she thought her eyes reflected what her soul felt.

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