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The US House of Representatives reaffirms Trump’s 2021 defense budget bill

If the bill sent to the Senate is passed with a majority of more than 3 out of 3, it will become law and be recorded as the “first bill to exceed the veto power” in Trump’s term of office.

The US House of Representatives reaffirmed the 2021 defense budget bill. Vetoed by President Donald Trump, by more than 2 out of 3 majority.

In the US House of Representatives voting in the evening, 322 deputies voted yes and 87 deputies voted no.

While the next address of the bill is the Senate, it is expected to pass by at least 2 out of 3 majority, exceeding Trump’s veto power.

If the $ 740 billion defense budget draft passes through both wings of Congress in this way, it will become law and be recorded as the “first bill to exceed the veto power” in Trump’s term of office.

US President Trump vetoed the $ 740 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill passed in Congress. In early December on December 23.

Trump prevented the reduction of the number of American soldiers in Germany and Korea while vetoing the bill.

What’s in the bill

In the final form of the bill, for the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon), 635.5 billion dollars are the basic budget. 69 billion dollars are the “Overseas Possible Operations Fund”. Which is known as the war fund and 8.9 billion dollars are expenses. Related to defense outside the jurisdiction of the bill. billion dollars budget is allocated.

Under the Ministry of Energy’s budget, a budget of 26.6 billion dollars is set for defense spending on nuclear capacity.

In the NDAA bill, the establishment of the “Pacific Deterrence Initiative” against China, while strengthening the military power of the USA in the Pacific region. An additional $ 2.2 billion is allocated to the budget of the Indo-Pacific Forces Command for this initiative to support partners and allies in the region.

Military relations with Russia increase restrictions

In the draft, the articles on increasing the restrictions of the US military on its relations with the Russian army and prohibiting the acts and activities that would recognize Russia’s sovereignty in Crimea drew attention.

Within the scope of activities aimed at Russia, the bill also stipulated that 250 million dollars of defense aid should be provided to Ukraine, 75 million of which were weapons.

In the bill, it was requested that the entire $ 3.7 billion fund determined in the previous budget laws for the European Deterrence Initiative should be provided within the scope of this budget.

Bans reducing the number of soldiers in Germany and Korea

Regarding the US President Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Germany and South Korea, the bill states that the number of troops in South Korea is below 28,500 and the number of soldiers in Germany is 34,500 before the evaluation process is completed, unless the necessary conditions are confirmed. it is forbidden to fall below the fame.

The bill stipulates that US soldiers participate in the training of the European Hybrid Threats Training Center in Finland, demanding the continuation of military aid to Israel, Taiwan, Baltic countries, India, Vietnam and Japan.

The bill, which envisions the US Air Force to reach an average of 386 fleets or 3,850 warplanes, authorizes the purchase of 93 F-35 aircraft as well as many warplanes.

The bill, which Turkey will receive six F-35 aircraft also made necessary authorization for use by the US Air Force.

Envisions removing the names of generals at military bases

It was also included in the draft to remove the names and statues of Confederate generals, who came to the fore in the events that took place after the murder of the black US citizen George Floyd.

In the relevant articles of the draft, it was stipulated that a commission should be established to remove the names of Confederate generals from the bases and this commission should prepare a report containing the necessary recommendations in 3 years.

In defense budget bill, Turkey S-400 for receiving the through sanctions to US adversaries Terrorism Act (CAATS a) the scope, were considered to be a process in important dimensions with Russia and within 30 days after ndaa the enactment Turkey S-400 intake CAATSA sanctions were applied to those involved.

In the draft, the President was asked to apply at least 5 of the 12 items specified within the scope of CAATSA, and the sanctions not to cover “imported goods”. But Trump management is not expected to be re-imposed sanctions for CAATS said the sanctions against Turkey.

Written by Maraaz

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