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The story of Dr Carina Tyrrell

Despite the new type of coronavirus pandemic that infects more than 75 million people worldwide, many vaccines that have yielded successful results have been developed so far. One of them, the vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca. There is a success story that distinguishes Doctor Carina Tyrrell, who is among the scientists behind it, from typical scientists. Tyrrell chosen as Miss England 2014 and fourth in the Miss World held that year. “I never gave up on my dream of becoming a doctor. But, six years later, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be part of a team looking for vaccines during a global epidemic of this scale.”

When Carina Tyrrell was just a fifth-year student at Cambridge University School of Medicine in 2014. She impressed by an advertisement she saw in a shopping mall and started her modeling career.

Tyrrell, who chosen as the beauty queen in England the same year, came in fourth in the Miss World pageant, where she represented her country.

The 31-year-old doctor explained that despite her success in modeling, she never gave up her education and her dream of becoming a doctor: “I support the Miss World and Miss England elected ones. I continue to judge the Miss England pageant. However, six years later, I didn’t think I’d be part of a vaccine-seeking team during a global pandemic of this scale.”

Tyrrell explained that she was working with the World Health Organization (WHO) when the epidemic first broke out, saying that her childhood dream was to tackle global problems such as malaria.

Stating that she lost her uncle due to Covid-19, Dr. Tyrrell In her statement on the vaccines that developed, she used the following statements:

“Most of the scientists in the world have abandoned all their research and combined all their strength to use against the pandemic. It is great that all these efforts have paid off and the vaccines are successful. ”

Written by Maraaz

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