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The phenomenon Anna Leikovic killed her mother

Moldovan phenomenon Anna Leikovic brutally murdered her mother. The teenage phenomenon allegedly killed her mother for pressuring her to get drug treatment.

Moldovan phenomenon Anna Leikovic brutally murdered her mother, Praskovya Leikovic, who sought drug treatment. Leikovic, who repeatedly stabbed her 40-year-old mother for drug use. According to the news in the Moldovan press; she ripped out the still beating heart of his dying mother.

Anna Leikovic, who also a medical student, not satisfied with this, and also removed her mother’s other internal organs with a kitchen knife.

After Leikovic killed her mother in cold blood, she cleared the traces of the murder and then went to meet with her boyfriend.

Leikovic, who arrested and taken to court after the murder, will be tried as the only suspect in the murder.

It reported that her mother pressured her daughter for treatment after she returned from Germany, and that Anna killed her mother by getting angry with this.

Written by Maraaz

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