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The person who hid in the airport for 3 months because of his fear was caught

In the USA, the person who hid in the airport for 3 months due to the fear of coronavirus was caught. It turned out that a person reported missing in October living at the airport in Chicago. With the identity of a person who lost his identity for three months.

It turned out that the man who survived by taking food from other passengers at the airport. Gave up on the plane for fear of coronavirus and hid in the airport.

Aditya Singh, 36, living in the USA, went to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. To board his California flight on October 19. But at the last minute he gave up the journey.

The man who was declared missing on October 26, lived illegally at the airport for three months. It was revealed when he showed the identity of a person who lost his identity.

Stating that he gave up the trip ‘due to the fear of coronavirus’, Singh was detained.


Singh, who completed his master’s degree in the hospitality industry but turned out to be unemployed, stated that he had survived until this time with the food he bought from other passengers.

At the hearing held on Sunday, the judge set the bail price at a thousand dollars and prohibited Singh from going to the same airport.


Judge Susana Ortiz said it was ‘shocking’ for an unauthorized person to live at the airport terminal from 19 October to 16 January with a fake ID.

Written by Maraaz

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