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The one-year glacier meltdown in Greenland

We now feel the effects of global warming in our daily lives. The studies of scientists indicate that these effects will worsen with each passing day. Recent research has shown that the glacial melting in Greenland reached a record high of 586 billion tons in 2019.

Floods, extreme temperatures and forest fires are increasingly the effects of global warming.

New research has revealed unprecedented glacial loss in Greenland.

Data obtained from satellites showed that Greenland lost 586 billion tons, or 532 trillion liters of ice, in a full year.

These numbers point to a huge increase since 2012.

There was seven times more glacial loss in the region compared to the 1990s.

Scientists pointed out that the ongoing emission of carbon is causing excessive melting in Greenland.

Global sea levels have also risen as the glaciers in Greenland have melted over the past 30 years.

If the glacial losses in Greenland continue to exist, experts say By the end of this century, the living spaces of 25 million people will be inundated every year.

Written by Maraaz

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