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The “euro” 5 thousand years ago: the oldest common currency of Europeans was discovered

Today a number of different currencies are used in Europe, “unlike the euro, from the British pound to the Croatian kuna. Thousands of years ago the situation was very different. Archaeologists made a new study of the first common currency in Europe. Findings” It shows that millennia ago the year cash was using bronze objects such as rings, bracelets, and even axes as an early form of money.

However, scientists said that Europeans living in the Early Bronze Age went so far as to standardize the shape and weight of these objects for currency. Standardization, that is, the measure and value that is accepted as common to all, is a fundamental feature of money.

Researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands evaluated possible objects used as money in the Early Bronze Age in Central Europe.


Within the scope of the work published in the exhibition of PLOS One, more than 5 thousand antiques unearthed in more than 100 excavations were examined. Using a principle known as the Weber fraction, archaeologists compared the weights of the items. The Weber fraction admits that a person weighing things by hand cannot understand the difference between objects that are sufficiently similar in mass.


Although the weight of the objects varied, the researchers found that about 70 percent of the wristbands weighing an average of 195 grams were too similar to be distinguished by hand. In addition, it was stated that rings and axes made of bronze may have been used as currency.

The team who conducted the study emphasized that the consistent similarity in shape and weight between bronze items, which are often found in large stacks, is an indication of their use as an early form of standardized currency.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Maikel Kuijpers, said “Prehistory’s” euro “water bronze rings, ribs and axes. These Early Bronze Age artifacts were standardized in shape and weight and used as an early form of money. As the name suggests, the Bronze Age was the first time people started working with metal. The invention of bronze put an end to the Stone Age, the prehistoric period when the use of stone tools and weapons dominated. Later, in the Middle Bronze Age of Europe, with the increase in bronze, precision weighing instruments emerged and this brought about an advanced trading system, ”he said.

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