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The Canadian minister who tweeted ‘stay home’ was actually on vacation in the Caribbean

In Ontario, Canada’s most populous state, where quarantine was decided during the Christmas period. It turned out that Finance Minister Rod Phillips, who Tweeted as if he was at home. Was actually on vacation in the Caribbean.

Doug Ford, the president of the Canadian province of Ontario, calls on the public to stay at home during these weeks when the coronavirus outbreak is at its peak. It determined that the Minister of Finance Rod Phillips not obeying the measures and went on vacation to the Caribbean.

Ford; “I was very disappointed”. “I told the minister that the travel decision was absolutely unacceptable and I needed him here.”

While Rod Phillips texts and Tweets like he’s in Canada over the Christmas holidays. In fact, he and his wife have been in St.Petersburg in the Caribbean since December 18. It turned out to be on the island of Barts.

Making a statement about the holiday, Rod Phillips said that his vacation in the Caribbean was financed by personal funds. He apologized, saying he regretted making such a decision during this process. Stating that he was preparing to return to Ontario immediately, Phillips stated that when he returned to the country, he would go into a 14-day quarantine.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has recommended avoiding all non-essential travel outside of Canada.

Written by Maraaz

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