The best traditional flavors in the world

Top 30 of the traditional food list around the world. Here are the most famous traditional dishes of the countries …

30- Cevapi (Kebab), Bosnia and Herzegovina

29- Pesto Sauce Trenette, Italy

28- Ossobuco (Vegetable meat), Italy

27- Laksa (Spicy Noodle Soup), Malaysia

26- Cacio e pepe (Black pepper cheese macaroni), Italy

25- Parrilla (Grill), Argentina

24- Piruhi (Ravioli), Poland

23- Khachapuri, Georgia

22- Churrasco (Grilled meat), Brazil

21- Rib meat, USA

20. Meatballs, Turkey

19- Pasta with Carbonara sauce, Italy

18- Ceviche (seafood cooked in acid), Peru

17- Tom yum (Hot, sour soup), Thailand

16- Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce, Italy

15- Lasagna, Italy

14- Arroz de marisco (seafood rice), Portugal

13- Risotto, Italy

12- Gyros (Doner kebab), Greece

11- Stuffed Paprika, Turkey

10- Sarma Stuffed, Turkey

9- Cochinita pibil (meat dish cooked on low heat), Mexico

8- Gyoza (Ravioli), Japan

7- Saltibarsciai (Beetroot soup), Lithuania

6- Tacos al pastor (Meat taco), Mexico

5- Doner Kebab, Turkey

4- Lomo saltado (Beef fillet), Peru

3- Ramen (Noodle), Japan

2- Adana kebab, Turkey

1- Margherita pizza, Italy

Written by Maraaz

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