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Scientific research result: Vitamin C prevents muscle loss in old age

Research by the University of East Anglia. Elderly people who consume plenty of vitamin C, which is common in citrus fruits, berries and vegetables. Rrevealed that skeletal muscle mass was in better shape.

Vitamin C reported to help preserve muscle mass in old age. Data on 13,000 people aged 48 to 82 analyzed.

Experts measuring the amount of vitamin C in the food and blood that these people consume for a week. It also calculated their muscle mass. It observed that consuming plenty of vitamin C helps preserve muscle mass in this age range.

Doctor Richard Hayhoe from the research team, Stating that they take an example from a large community of Norfolk residents;

We’ve found that people with the highest vitamin C in their diet or blood are the ones with the best skeletal muscle mass.

Hayhoe also noted that 60 percent of participating men and 50 percent of women found that they did not consume as much vitamin C as the European Food Safety Agency recommended.

Richard Hayhoe;

We’re not saying people need huge doses. Consuming a citrus fruit or vegetable like oranges every day would be enough for most people.

Research leader Professor Ailsa Welch also pointed out that people lose their skeletal muscle mass as they get older. People over the age of 50 lose almost 1 percent of their skeletal muscle mass each year. This is a big problem because it can lead to weakness and negative consequences such as sarcopenia, physical disability and type 2 diabetes. It decreases the quality of life.

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