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Sarah Jessica Parker votes with her son of first voting

Famous actress Sarah Jessica Parker, her son who was 18 years old a week ago. James Wilkie and his mother used the vote. It attracted attention with the “I voted” labels on all family collars.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s son is now grown up and old enough to vote. Parker and his wife Matthew Broderick. She was first seen after voting for the US presidential election along with their 18-year-old son James, who voted.

The trio, worn on the lens in New York, attracted attention with the “I vote” labels on their collars.

It was estimated that the family voted for Joe Biden from Parker’s recent social media posts.

James Wilke turned 18 on October 28th. Sarah Jessica Parker, who rarely shares family photos on social media, celebrated her son James Wilkie’s 18th birthday by posting childhood photos.

55-year-old star of Sex and the City, “I am amazed at the past years but at the same time you turned into a young man”. Expressing her great love for her son, he said, “Happy birthday my son who will vote for the first time. Love you so much”

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, married in 1997, have 11-year-old twins named Tabitha and Marion, as well as James Wilkie.

Written by Maraaz

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