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Ross Barkley: We could have scored more goals against Liverpool

Ross Barkley, midfielder of Aston Villa, who entered the season 4 with 4, for a 7-2 win over Liverpool. “There could have been more than 7-2 goals against the champion, we showed everyone how ready we are.”

Ross Barkley, which Aston Villa rented from Chelsea during the summer transfer period, commented on his unforgettable Liverpool win. The 26-year-old midfielder, who said that they could score more goals in the 7-2 match, stated that the win a message for everyone.

“We could have scored more goals against Liverpool”

“I couldn’t have imagined a better start than this,” said Barkley, who wore the Aston Villa jersey for the first time against Liverpool. “The win against Liverpool was the perfect way to progress,” the English player said. When the score was 5-2, everyone on the team thought, “We can score more goals.” It could have been more goals, but it’s over 7-2.

This win against the champion is a message for everyone. We have shown how ready we are for all matches. ”

“Last year they were playing not to be relegated”

Aston Villa, who finished the last season in 17th place with 35 points, won the first 4 games of the new season and collected 12 points. “I was surprised to see the quality of the players here,” Barkley said of the impressive performing Villa. They were playing not to be relegated last season. There are very good players in the team. Another thing I noticed is that there are very good communicators.”

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