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Reliable Websites Where You Can Make Money

Under the name of “methods by which you can make money from the Internet”, you have seen hundreds of dollars. And completely empty trainings that compile information you can access from anywhere.

What we will tell in this article has nothing to do with those trainings. On the contrary, we have compiled platforms that are available to everyone, offering individual export opportunities to those who know how to use them and really make money.

However, such a search can often result in frustration for those who are unfamiliar with the internet world. The content of the trainings sold, especially on subjects such as dropshipping, such as a summary of the information you can generally access anywhere. In addition, people are deceived by training that contains many misleading information that is out of date.

For all these reasons, we need to agree on one thing: Earning money online is not easy, because just being an expert or talented is not enough. It is necessary to know the internet, to choose the most suitable platform for your job and to be extremely patient. In the list we have prepared, we have included platforms where you can convey your skills and knowledge to customers abroad if you think about it enough, if you work hard. to reach employers on software, SEO, article, design and more:

* Employers open advertisements, seekers apply.
* Opening a certified membership is very difficult and time consuming.
* Employers or job seekers have less trouble as memberships are meticulously approved.
* For applications, scores called Contact are used.
* Most of the jobs are high paid and long term.
* After the contact score is over, you can get points for a small fee and apply for new jobs. for areas such as translation, painting, design, video editing and music:

* Job seekers, not employers, post advertisements
* It is difficult to get good jobs at first entry because it is very popular,
* It is only possible for good customers to reach you after you create your own network,
* If you actively use services such as Instgram, Pinterest or YouTube, you can make a better impression.

To get more listings because it is so popular,

* Employer opens advertisements, callers apply
* World’s most popular Freelancer sites
* Due to its popularity, it is possible to find many employers and a wide range of postings
* Due to its popularity, the average wage of the jobs is low,
* Since the controls in the membership verification system are not strict, the number of people who claim to be experts is very high.
* The market has declined as job seekers are generally from India and Pakistan. For this reason, it is one of the platforms with the lowest average wages. to sell your handcrafted and niche products such as dyeing, jewelry, knitting, china, weaving to the whole world:

* Product-oriented individual e-commerce opportunity is offered instead of service,
* Handcrafted products that people abroad may be interested in attract a lot of attention,
* It offers hobby-oriented money making.

If you have good English, you can produce global content on YouTube:

* A variable amount of budget is required according to the type of content you will produce,
* Follow YouTube habits in other countries,
* Regular content should be produced in a single category without revenue expectation for long periods of time.

To earn money by teaching a subject you are an expert on Udemy:

* You must be an expert in a subject and be able to prove it,
* It can be performed more easily if you have experience as an instructor,
* You need to follow up-to-date information on the subject you teach and transfer it to students,
* You must prepare the richest educational content in the subject you choose.

If you like taking photos and videos, iStock Photo:

* You need to have knowledge about stock content creation,
* It is easier to sell abroad because the content is based on visuals and does not contain text.
* Since the competition is high, quality stock contents must be produced.

Redbubble to sell your t-shirt, bag, mask, wallpaper, poster, phone case and sticker designs all over the world:

* You need to be competent in design,
* Products in line with design trends are more successful.

If you have a 3D printer or you can design electronic circuits, Tindie:

* Need to know about the “Maker” or DIY (Do It Yourself) culture,
* Seeks experience in designing and producing interesting products.

In order to earn income from Tindie, you need to master the design and production stages of the wild ideas in your mind. In fact, you should be able to put these ideas into reality. For example, niche products such as a wooden USB-connected joystick are very popular. Just like this, functional or interesting designs printed on a 3D printer can be offered for sale on the site.

If you have suggestions about earning dollars online, you can share them with us in the comments section. See you.

Written by Maraaz

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