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Refused $ 103 million in 2 years

While the clearing period opens in the NBA; Houston Rockets star James Harden has reportedly declined the offer of $ 103 million in 2 years.

James Harden, who is identified with Houston, on the grounds that the club has no chance to chase the championship. He allegedly rejected the 2-year offer of $ 103 million. According to reports in the American press, Harden conveyed this to the club management.

It was recorded that James Harden thought he might be in the championship race with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn Nets.

Robert Covington – Trevor Ariza exchange between Houston and Portland Trailblazers. On the way to Portland, Covington, Houston Rockets won the 2021 protected 1st round draft right with Trevor Ariza + 2020 1st round right.

Written by Maraaz

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