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Recognition of Neonazi groups as terrorist organizations in Canada is on the agenda

In Canada, the government has raised the issue of recognizing far-right Neonazi groups as terrorists.

Anti-racist groups have been pressuring the government to include far-right and racist groups on the terrorist list, according to the Toronto Star newspaper.

The government also instructed the relevant institutions to report on whether far-right groups can be defined as terrorist organizations.

In the statement made by the Minister of Public Security Bill Blair, it was noted that one of the far right groups will be recognized as a terrorist organization as soon as possible.

In case the list of terrorist organizations recognized by Canada expands, anti-hate groups advocate for the Neonazi “Atomwaffen and O9A” and the white supremacist ideology “The Base” to be included in this list.

Recognizing a group as a terrorist organization has serious consequences for the group and its members.

Financial institutions against the group recognized as a terrorist organization can freeze the assets of the group and its members, while the police can confiscate property belonging to the group, and it is prohibited to join or contribute to the group.

Written by Maraaz

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