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Reaction to Bella Thorne’s support for Armie Hammer

Bella Thorne, one of the young generation stars that Disney channel gained fame such as Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, was the target of criticism for supporting Armie Hammer, who was on the agenda with allegations of sexual abuse.

Bella Thorne; She supported Armie Hammer, who was forced to leave the Jennifer Lopez movie Shotgun Wedding due to abuse allegations about her and faced the danger of closing the gates of Hollywood.

Bella Thorne, one of the young generation stars that Disney channel gained fame, and who was the director of the 18-year-old movie, said in her share with Armie Hammer on her Instagram account:

“Leave him and his family alone. It is impossible to be a weird cannibal. The allegations about him are lies.” This post of Thorne became the agenda in social media and drew reaction.


Armie Hammer, who has been on the agenda with the allegations that she sends sexual messages to many women and that they contain cannibalistic fantasies, first had to leave the movie Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez and then started to have even more difficult days with the words of her ex-lover.

Courtney Vucekovich, who left with Hammer in August, said that the messages in question were no surprise, and added: He once asked to break my rib and cook and eat it on the barbecue. Banan was saying, “I want to take a bite from you.” He likes the thought of having skin on his teeth “

The Hollywood star previously refused to respond to the message allegations as absurd, and announced that he left his next film Shotgun Wedding because he thought of his children.

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