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Queen Elizabeth Captain Tom Moore declared knight

In the donation campaign he started in the UK epidemic, Captain Tom Moore, who raised over £ 32 million for the National Health Service (NHS), was declared a knight by Queen Elizabeth.

The ex-soldier Tom Moore, who won the appreciation of the British people with his aid campaign for healthcare workers during the pandemic period, was declared knight by Queen Elizabet. For this, a ceremony was held in the garden of Windsor Castle.

This was the first event that the 94-year-old Queen attended after virus isolation. Queen Elizabeth 2 declared Tom Moore a knight with her father’s sword.

For 100-year-old ex-soldier Tom Moore, traditions are destroyed. Moore, using a walker due to a hip fracture, was not bowed in front of the Queen while being declared the knight.

Captain Moore, who participated in the Second World War, became a public hero with the campaign he started for healthcare workers during the pandemic period.

Moore promised to walk 100 turns with a walker in her garden and asked the public to support her online. This call by Moore had a wide echo, with 33 million pounds of donations collected.

Written by Maraaz

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