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Quarantine rules started in United Kingdom

After the increase in the number of daily cases in the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in the UK.

With the start of the agreed national quarantine, the streets became empty. Covid-19 in England, which went to quarantine once again after March. The quarantine decision taken within the scope of the struggle started to implemented.

All businesses that do not sell bars, restaurants and basic necessities closed in the capital city of London.

On the first day of the limited curfew, London streets observed to empty.

“Stay home. Protect National Health Service. Save lives.” According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statement, the quarantine will continue until December 2.

Except for markets and pharmacies where basic products are sold under quarantine. Businesses such as all retail stores, hairdressing salons and beauty centers closed.

It has announced that the closed bars and restaurants can only serve takeaway.

According to the rules, work will be done from home whenever possible; People will only be able to leave their homes for certain reasons such as education, work, food shopping and exercise.

Different household members will not be able to meet indoors, and only one person from another household will be able to meet outdoors.

Domestic and international travel will not allowed outside of education and work. Marriages will only allowed if one of the couples has a terminal illness, and the wedding ceremony will limited to 6 people. Unlike the first quarantine in March, schools and universities will continue to remain open.

Written by Maraaz

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