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President Erdogan calls for a boycott of French products

Speaking at Bestepe, President Erdogan called out to citizens over the tension with France and said “never buy French products.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the Opening Program of Mevlid-i Nebi Week at Bestepe National Congress and Culture Center.

Highlights from Erdogan’s speech here are as follows:

During this period, the only thing that increases our sadness is not those who died from the coronavirus. It is the situation that Muslims live in. We have brothers who expelled from their homes just because they were Muslims.

What is happening in Germany in France is before the eyes of the whole world. But I address Jews to the West, especially to the Christian world. In our religion, it is not a crime to be a Christian, we stand up for Christians and Jews. If there is a persecution of Muslims in France, I appeal to the leaders of the world so that we should protect it. We see that Islamophobia is spreading like a plague in European countries.

Just as it is said to not buy Turkish branded products in France, I say do not compliment French brands or buy them here.

From here, I am addressing the Chancellor Merkel, you had freedom of religion. Somehow, nearly 100 police attack mosques. We also have real freedom of religion, but not there. You are a real Fascist, you are a real chain links of the Nazi. The rising anti-Islamism in the West has turned into a total attack on our book and our prophet. Islam and Islamophobia have become a policy supported in some European countries at the head of state level.

Written by Maraaz

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