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Police were dismissal in UK

The police officer who pressed the neck of the detained citizen in London with his knee was removed from his post. Scotland Yard described the technique used by the police as “worrying”.

A police officer who pressed the neck of a black citizen detained in London with his knee was removed from his post. In a statement made by the British Police Agency, Scotland Yard, another police said that they will not be involved in operations outside the country and will be assigned to office work from now on.

It was announced that the incident would be examined by an independent police supervisory agency. Describing the incident as “extremely frightening”, Scotland Yard noted that the technique used by the police while they were detained was “alarming”, noting that such practice was not taught in the training of the police.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also said on Twitter that the incident was “very worrying”.

The images shared on social media show that on Thursday (July 16th), one of the two police officers pressed the knee on the neck of the black citizen, who was lying on the ground suspected of carrying a gun. It is also remarkable in the said images that the detainee frequently said “Get out of my neck” and that eyewitnesses at the scene demanded to interfere with the police and leave the citizen in question.


The incident brought George Floyd, who died of breathlessness as a result of pressure from the police officer while he was detained last May in Minnesota, USA. The police officer who detained Floyd also pressed Floyd’s neck with the knee, and Floyd, who later died, often said, “I can’t breathe.”

Written by Maraaz

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