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Pandemic increased plastic surgery

While many sectors were damaged during the pandemic period in Germany, there was a great increase in plastic surgeries. The biggest popularity is among those who gain weight due to closure. 

Plastic surgeon Dennis vom Heimburg from Frankfurt is a 28-year physician. He tells that about a thousand people come to him every year for surgery or treatment. Although he does not like to be described as “the winner of the pandemic period”, he states that the interest in aesthetic surgeries increased significantly during the period when the coronavirus spread.

The 65-year-old physician states that compared to the previous period, a large number of employees came to him during the pandemic process. “In the past, there were many who said that it could only be this day, otherwise it would not be, or I will come again next year,” he explains his experience in the last months.

Dr. von Heimburg states that the section he mentions is much more than those who refrain from coming due to the danger of the virus.


Von Heimburg, who also served as the president of the German Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Physicians Association for many years, said “I want to come out with a renewed before closing, I can’t do sports anyway” or “We don’t spend a penny during the corona period. He states that he expressed reasons such as “good timing”.


In Germany, interest in aesthetic interventions such as breast surgery and nose correction, botox or hyaluric acid injection increased by almost eight percent in 2019 and reached 83,000. It is estimated that this figure will exceed the threshold of 100 thousand in 2020, when the pandemic is marked.

Probably, with the effect of corona, the highest increase is experienced in fat removal surgeries. Most of the home workers do not move around and gain weight. This shows that some people chose the easy one instead of running and decided to go under the knife and sacrifice 5 thousand euros for it.


In Germany, two women who went under the knife in Düsseldorf in 2018 and 2019 died. The physician who performed a “Brazilian hip lift” operation on two women was banned from the profession for life, causing fatal injury.

The concept of aesthetic surgery is not an officially protected profession definition in Germany. Maxillofacial surgeons can theoretically perform breast augmentation surgery. However, such surgeries should be performed with a long education and years of experience.


Kristian Limbach, director of Moser Clinics, says that there is serious confidence in performing plastic surgery and claims that people’s willingness to optimize themselves increased during the pandemic. Noting that the mask is responsible for this, Limbach notes that most of the faces of people are covered, that many optical information about the face is not perceived, and in this case, any detail in the eyes that is especially noticed attracts more attention. “Therefore, a younger appearance is desired by stretching the eye area very often,” he continues. In addition, he states that the interest in the intervention has increased, as the mask also covers the redness, bruises and swelling. He underlines that aesthetic interventions are already less noticeable due to contact and distance rules.

According to the data of the German Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Physicians Association (VDÄPC), approximately 90 percent of those who go to the table for aesthetics are women. The rest is reportedly made up of people from different segments of society. “There are also those who have worked in the kitchen for years and wanted to have their ears corrected, high school professors, the rich, people from the television world or nightlife. There were even Catholic and Protestant pastors,” says physician Limbach.


According to Limbach, many people want to appear optically youthful in moderation and without exaggeration. “The Corona pandemic is accelerating this,” says Limbach. Stating that aesthetic interventions in Germany have ceased to be taboo in recent years, Limbach says that this issue is now more openly discussed.

Long before the Corona pandemic, the famous football coach Jürgen Klopp also had a hair transplant and did not see it necessary to hide it. At a press conference after the intervention, Klopp said, “So what. How beautiful it looks,” says physician Limbach and claims that since then, plastic surgery has been talked about more easily in Germany.

Written by Maraaz

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