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Number of deaths in Indonesia earthquake rises to 73

It is reported that the number of people who lost their lives in the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that took place in Majene, Indonesia’s West Sulawesi province, reached 73.

Raditya Jati, head of the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency Information and Communication Center, said in a statement that 27,850 people evacuated in the earthquake were placed in safe areas at 25 different points.

Stating that the number of people who lost their lives in the earthquake so far, 64 in Mamuju region and 9 in Majene, Jati explained that the treatment of 253 seriously injured people continues.

Stating that search and rescue efforts are continuing in the region, Jati stated that they transferred a total of 4 billion rupiah (285 thousand dollars) to the West Sulawesi state, Majene city and Mamuju region as of yesterday for operational needs.

The Meteorology, Climate and Geophysics Authority (BMKG) announced that the earthquake of 6.2 magnitude, which occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers and 6 kilometers northeast of the city of Majene, was felt in Palu and Makasar cities at 01.28 local time on January 15.

Written by Maraaz

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