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New Yorker magazine’s new video reveals interesting details about the Congressional raid

A newly released video in the US revealed many details about how demonstrators got in during the Congressional raid on January 6 and what they did afterwards.


The footage captured by the American New Yorker magazine reporter Luke Mogelson during the Congress raid drew attention to the American public.

The video, which started with the moments when hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the congress building entered the building, crossing the police barricades and in some places clashing with the police, the lack of sufficient security forces did not go unnoticed.

In the footage, it was seen that the demonstrators who told the police officers they met “This is our house, our number is more than you, let us pass” could easily move into the building in some places and there were a few police inside the building.

“We are listening to Trump, he’s your boss.”

One demonstrator told the police, “We are listening to Trump, and he is your boss.” The moments when hundreds of people entering the Congress building shouted various slogans with flags in their hands and entered the Senate General Assembly were reflected in the lens.

It was noteworthy that dozens of people went through the desks and notes of the senators in the General Assembly hall and many people took souvenir photos.

In the continuation of the images, it was seen that the demonstrator wearing a fur coat with a horn on his head, which became one of the symbols of the oppression, prayed with a megaphone in his hand and other demonstrators in the hall accompanied the prayer.

“They can steal elections, but can’t we come and sit here?”

In the footage, one demonstrator said to another, “We must respect the Senate, here’s Vice President Mike Pence. It’s an information war, we can’t lose that.” with moments when another demonstrator said, “They can steal elections, but can’t we come here and sit?” The form of my system was also reflected in the camera.

In the raid in the US Congress on January 6, 5 people, including one police officer, died and dozens were injured. During the ongoing FBI investigation process, it was reported that at least 160 cases were filed against them.

The impeachment clause for US President Trump, accused by the Democrats of “incitement to revolt”, was accepted in the vote in the House of Representatives. Whether Trump is guilty of Congress events will be decided in a vote in the Senate.

Written by Maraaz

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