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New record from BTS

World-renowned K-pop group BTS, which smashed the music charts with every song they released, broke a new record. BTS released their highly anticipated new album “BE” and the clip for the album’s opening song “Life Goes On” on November 20.

BTS’s new album “BE” has turned up the music charts as well as the social media. The song “Dynamite”, released by the group about two months ago and which is frequently mentioned, is also on the album.

As soon as BE came out, sales exploded and sold over 1 million copies in 30 minutes. The album, which is a trend in all social media, was at the top of the music lists. The study reached 32 million in 8 hours on YouTube. Big Hit Entertainment, the record label that BTS is affiliated with, said “It contains the closest music to BTS ever”. BTS will also perform with “Life Goes On” at the 2020 American Music Awards to be held on November 22.

Written by Maraaz

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