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Model Amy Dorris accused of sexual harassment against US President Donald Trump

American model and actress Amy Dorris awarded to US President Donald Trump in 1997. She alleged that she sexually harassed her at the US Open tennis tournament. The campaign office of the US President, due to enter the election in November, denied the harassment allegations of Amy Dorris.

Dorris, who claims that Trump harassed him and touched her body. She said she did not allow the US president to escape by force.

Stating that she was 24 years old at that time, Dorris. “He grabbed me by force and I couldn’t move. Trying to push her while trying to kiss me, I thought I could do harm this way. I still feel very sad and sick about it. My personal rights have been violated.”

Dorris, mother of two daughters. She was the first to talk about the harassment she suffered in the elections before 2016, when Trump’s similar charges were made. However, she stated that she gave up thinking that this might harm her family.

“Right now my daughters are about to turn 13 and I want to teach them that they can’t do anything without their consent. I wanted to be a role model to them by not staying silent, ”Dorris explained why she decided to speak now.

Tickets to the US Open to document her sexual harassment to the Guardian. She presented six photos he took with Trump, then a real estate investor and married to his second wife, Marla Maples.

Trump Campaign Legal Counsel Jenna Ellis. Speaking to the British newspaper The Guardian, former Model Amy Dorris. She released a statement following Trump’s allegations that she sexually abused her at the US Open Tennis Tournament in 1997.

In the statement, “These accusations against Trump are completely false. We will take all kinds of legal remedies to hold The Guardian accountable for publishing this unfounded news in a malicious way. ”

There were allegations of harassment against Trump by other women before the November 2016 elections.

There were allegations of harassment against Trump by other women before the November 2016 elections.

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