Milla Jovovich changed country for her daughter

Milla Jovovich, who said goodbye to the podiums and stepped into the cinema while holding the title of the world’s most winning top model, moved to support her daughter who followed in her footsteps. The 45-year-old actor changed countries with his family to support him in the first lead role of his daughter, who is only 13 years old. 

Famous star Milla Jovovich and his wife of director Paul Anderson are experiencing a different excitement these days. Ever Gabo Anderson, the couple’s first child, is getting ready to take the lead role. Ever Anderson, who recently started a career as a model and posed for famous magazines, is now taking the first lead role in the cinema.

Ever Gabo will portray the character of Wendy in Disney’s Peter Pan adaptation. The whole family went to Vancouver with Ever Gabo for the film, which will be shot in Canada.

45-year-old Milla Jovovich traveled to Canada to support Ever Gabo, including his wife, 55-year-old director Paul Anderson, five-year-old Dashieh Edan, and 11-month-old Osian.

As soon as the family reached the country, it entered the 14-day corona virus quarantine. After the quarantine was over, the first thing went to shopping.

Milla Jovovich, Paul Anderson and their daughter were spotted shopping in Vancouver the day before. The family first entered the cosmetics store and then the chocolate shop. Then he made other purchases. Paul Anderson was seen carrying his purchases in a rickshaw cart. The family was accompanied by the nanny, who used their little daughter’s stroller.

Last month, Milla Jovovich expressed great joy that her older daughter Ever Gabo started her acting career. Ever Gabo’s agenda is also quite full, although he has just started his career. The little girl also played Natasha Romanov in the movie Black Widow. Ever Gabo Anderson first played a small role in Resident Evil: The Final Episode, directed by her father and her mother playing one of the important roles.

Written by Maraaz

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