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Messi explained! Will he leave Barcelona?

Barcelona’s Argentine star Lionel Messi gave an interview to Spanish channel La Sexta about his career and personal life. “Barcelona is in bad shape financially. It will be difficult to return to the days we belonged to. The pandemic also affected the process.”

“Barcelona is my life. There is a great love between us. I owe everything I have learned and learned to Barcelona.”

“Barcelona is my life. There is a great love between us. I owe everything I have learned and learned to Barcelona.”

“There are many athletes that I admire. I can say Nadal, Federer, Lebron James. Cristiano Ronaldo in football.”

“It is true that I feel privileged, but sometimes I would like to be an anonymous person. For example, going to a restaurant, to a movie theater as an ordinary person.”

“I usually talk to what I feel close to me rather than the press. This makes me more comfortable. So I have few interviews in the media. Not because I don’t want to.”

Messi, ‘Have you cried lately?’ “Yes, I cried. Not for football, but. I cried for a personal matter that I wanted to keep secret.”

“I could go to the psychologist, but I never did. They said I had to go, I needed it, but I didn’t.”

“If I had the fax I sent to the club at the beginning of the season, I would still send it today. I deserved everything the club gave me. I felt I needed a change. It felt like an era was over.”

“Last summer I could have left for free. We could have won if we went to court. Not just one lawyer but many told me that. But I didn’t want to leave like that.

“If Xavi comes, will I stay? We will see what will happen in June. Player transfer is difficult, there is no money. Important players must come. It will cost too much to transfer Neymar. I will not meet with any team until the end of the season.”

“I would never go to Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, it’s impossible. It would be better to talk about my future at the end of the season. I’m currently in Barcelona and I’ll stick to my contract. I want to play in the US one day, that’s my dream.”

“My life is normal and sometimes boring. I wake up, have breakfast, take the kids to school, practice and go back home.”

Written by Maraaz

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