Message from John Travolta to his wife Kelly Preston

Italian-American actress John Travolta did not forget his wife Kelly Preston, who died of cancer in July, on his birthday.

Travolta dropped the note “Happy birthday honey” to his post by sharing from his social media account.

Kelly Preston, 29-year wife of John Travolta, succumbed to cancer in July. The 66-year-old actor, who announced on his Instagram account that he lost his wife, remembered Preston on her birthday this time.


John Travolta posted a photo of him while marrying his wife. Travolta added the wedding photo of his mother and father in his post and dropped the following note: Happy birthday honey. I found the wedding photo of my mom and dad. It was nice to see us next to them. With all my love.

Kelly Preston did not publicize the illness process. Travolta process “I regret to report that my beautiful wife Kelly has lost her fight against breast cancer for two years. She fought a brave fight against cancer with the support of many people, ”he summed up.

Written by Maraaz

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