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Melania Trump can get $ 50 million from Donald Trump if divorced

After Melania Trump’s allegations that she counted minutes to divorce her husband, Donald Trump. The amount of compensation to be paid in case of divorce came up.

It was alleged that in case of divorce, the First Lady could buy various real estates in addition to $ 50 million.

Donald Trump, who paid $ 14 million in divorce compensation while divorcing Ivana Trump, mother of three children. It was suggested that if Melania divorced Trump, he would have to pay $ 50 million.

Ivana Trump, the first wife of US President Donald Trump and mother of three children, was divorced in 1992, in addition to $ 14 million in divorce compensation.

She had the right to use a mansion in Connecticut and an apartment in Trump Plaza and the Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida one month a year.

Trump also paid an average of $ 650,000 annually for his children Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka, according to the archives of the New York Times newspaper.

Nowadays, Melania Trump is waiting for the election to end.

When the process is completely completed, it is said that she will file a divorce case against Donald Trump.

Omarosa Manigault Newman, Trump’s former deputy; “Melania is counting the minutes to get a divorce,” claiming recently that 15 years of marriage were over.

The rumors got stronger on Veterans Day on November 11, when the First Lady took a soldier’s arm in place of her husband, not Donald Trump.

According to the news of The Sun newspaper, body language specialist Judi James said Melania Trump looked nervous when she was with her husband. After all these rumors, the issue of divorce compensation to be paid in case of divorce came up.

Experts stated that the First Lady could buy real estate in addition to $ 50 million, according to The Sun’s report. “When I work on cases of very high-income, high-wealth people, he buys an apartment for a mercenary wife, unpaid wife and children,” said lawyer Jacqueline Newman. That could mean more money or more real estate for 14-year-old Barron Trump in the event of a divorce.

Newman says there won’t be too many questions about who the primary caregiver is, the boy will stay with his mother, Melania Trump. She argued that given the life that Trump’s wife and son used to, a payment of $ 50 million might not be enough.

Newman said, “While $ 50 million definitely has a lot of money in New York, it cannot afford the same life that Melania Trump and her son live now. Trump probably has a good idea of what kind of lifestyle they will live, so I would think the payment would be pretty generous. “

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