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Lewis Hamilton rewrites history

British pilot Lewis Hamilton continues to mark the Formula 1 World Championship with his successes and records. Finally, 35-year-old Hamilton, who won the 92nd race of his career in the Portuguese Grand Prix, the 12th race of the championship. He became the new owner of the title of the driver who won the most races in F1 history, surpassing the legendary German driver of the championship, Michael Schumacher.

“I am sure it will reach 100 race victories”

This historic success of Hamilton, who took over the flag after Schumacher, was appreciated by his major competitors in the organization. Schumacher made a great contribution to the worldwide recognition of the organization with his success in Formula 1 in the 1990s and the first half of the 2000s.

Sebastian Vettel, the German driver of Ferrari, who has 4 world championships and 53 racing championships in his career, said: “I am happy for him. He deservedly won every victory he achieved. I am sure it will reach 100 race victories as well. Their success is worthy of all praise. ”

Red Bull’s Dutch driver Max Verstappen, one of the successful pilots of F1’s last generation. “Everyone knows how fast Hamilton is. The most important feature that makes it strong is that it is stable and makes very rare mistakes. That’s why he was able to access these statistics so quickly. It’s really impressive. ”

Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas, on the other hand, emphasized that Hamilton achieved an incredible success, “Hats come forward. They deserve respect.”

Overtakes Schumacher in many statistics.

Schumacher, who made his name among the legends of the organization with the Ferrari team in Formula 1. There are also great similarities between the statistics of Hamilton, who had great success with the Mercedes team.


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