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Lawsuit applications of Republicans in Michigan and Georgia denied

While the results of the 59th presidential election in the USA are not yet clear. Republicans who applied to state courts with the allegation of irregularity in vote counts. Lawsuit claims in Michigan and Georgia were denied. His application for the suspension of the vote count in the state of Michigan also rejected by the court.

As the most chaotic election process of recent years continues in the USA, the case applications of President Donald Trump’s election campaign team are on the agenda.

Trump’s lawyers, who applied in both Michigan and Georgia state courts in the morning on the grounds of “fraud in the elections”, returned empty-handed from the courts.

The courts in both states have ruled that the allegations of “electoral irregularity” do not constitute sufficient evidence. While the voting process continues in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona. Nevada and Alaska, in the USA, where the names of 270 delegates will be entitled to be the president.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has a 264 to 214 advantage over Trump.

Trump’s election campaign team announced that they detected irregularities in the votes in the state of Nevada and filed a lawsuit to stop the vote counting process for a while.

Republicans filing lawsuits in Pennsylvania, the court in Philadelphia city ordered Republican Party members to enter the election counting centers.

U.S. President and Republican candidate Donald Trump’s appeal by the campaign team to stop the vote count in the state of Michigan. It was denied by the Michigan State Court.

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