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Kelly Brook and her boyfriend have fun before restrictions

British model and presenter Kelly Brook had been away from nightlife for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Brook and her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi watched a cabaret at a famous London nightclub, which was on the agenda with new bans.

Kelly Brook and her lover Jeremy Parisi joined the nightlife for the first time in months. The two watched the cabaret Denise van Outen staged.

In London, one of the regions where coronavirus has increased in the UK. After midnight, she also enjoyed her last free nights before crowded events were banned.

Kelly Brook and Jeremy Parisi, who chose a table close to the stage, watched with great interest the show that brought the golden ages of the cabaret to the present day. Brook’s lover wore a black mask and posed for photographers for a while, but Brook never used a mask. The couple also aimed to support the show of Denise Von Outen, who were also friends.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the virus was “spreading rapidly to every corner of the city”. Three-stage restrictions, medium, high and very high, prepared depending on the rate of increase of the virus in the country. The first phase includes limiting gatherings to 6 people in indoor or outdoor areas, and closing bars and restaurants at 22.00. In the second stage, while different household members were prohibited from meeting indoors. The third phase envisages the closure of bars and restaurants in addition to these measures.

Written by Maraaz

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