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Katy Perry marks the oath ceremony in the US

Katy Perry’s stage performance marked the new management celebration, which started after the oath of US President Joe Biden. For Perry, who sings with a fireworks display, comments like “America’s first queen” were made.

Katy Perry became the star of social media with her performance at the inaugural ceremony. Perry, who took the stage at the event broadcast as Celebrating America on television, marked the night with her performance.

The 35-year-old famous singer celebrated the new rule of the United States by singing her song Firework in front of the fireworks display.

Perry, who took the stage at the event with her Thom Browne outfit, collected the praise of her fans on social media.

One of her fans said of Perry as “the first queen of the USA”, while another commented that “Katy Perry is so strong, she wreaked havoc.”

Among the fans who loved the visual richness of the show, there were also those who said “Queen of the fireworks” for Perry, and “Katy Perry invented the fireworks”.

Written by Maraaz

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