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Joselyn Cano dies after hip surgery

The phenomenon Joselyn Cano, known as the ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’, dies after hip surgery. The phenomenon and model Joselyn Cano, known as the ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’, died from a hip lift. The funeral of Cano, which has millions of followers, will be broadcast live online.

Model Joselyn Cano, who became famous as “Mexican Kim Kardashian”, passed away after a hip aesthetic operation.

The 29-year-old model died after the unsuccessful butt lift operation in Colombia.

Cano’s friend Lira Mercer, who is an internet phenomenon like herself, shared the news of her death, “Oh my God, Joselyn Cano died in surgery in Colombia. This brutality ”

Cano, a model and social media phenomenon living in the USA, has 12.9 million followers.

The funeral of Cano, who declared dead on December 7, this week in California will broadcast live online.

Fans of the social media star, born in 1990, and her phenomenal friends made comments expressing their surprise and sorrow.

It was learned that the young phenomenon died while undergoing butt lift with the Brazilian technique.

This technique is a hip shaping application using one’s own regional fat. Excessive fat tissue from the person’s abdomen, waist or legs. It is take by liposuction technique and injected into the butt area.

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