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Jeff Bezos’ life from Wall Street to space baron

Jeff Bezos, founder of the online shopping platform Amazon, is also the richest person in the world. But did you know that Bezos started trading by selling books on the Internet? Here is the interesting story of the richest person in the world …

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA on January 12, 1964, Jeff lived with the surname Jorgensen until 1968. After the divorce in 1968, after his mother merged his life with Cuban immigrant Miguel Bezos, Bezos received the surname.

Those who know him state that Jeff Bezos was a very talented child. He even developed an electronic warning system to prevent his brothers from entering his room at a young age. When Bezos’ projects grew, his family found the cure allocated to the basement of the house.

Bezos, who founded a small laboratory here, carried out many experiments on solar-powered cookers, robots and miniature aircraft. Bezos, who signed the first entrepreneurship experience in the same years, organized a 10-day camp for children with the program called “Dream Institute” for 600 dollars.

Bezos was 10 years old when he met the computer. In order to be able to use the motherboard computer connected to the teletype device donated to the school, he said the instruction manual. This allowed Bezos to learn programming at a young age.

Bezos, who stepped into the informatics world at a young age, also received his education in this field. 1986 Graduated from Princeton University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the USA. After graduating from Princeton University, Faculty of Computer Science as the top student, he started his first job at Fitel. He was promoted to technology and business development assistant manager in February 1987.

Continuing his career there, working in New York and London offices, Bezos later moved to Bankers Trust Company, an investment bank on Wall Street, as his assistant vice president.


In December 1990, he was recruited as vice president of D.E Shaw Hedge Fund company. He entered the world house in 1993 with his assistant, whom he met in this company. Bezos’s life changed with an article he read in 1994.

After reading the article that hosts the information that the internet, which is still in its infancy, is a market that grows 2300 percent each year, he decided to invest in this area. It would take about 2 years to put this idea into the project.

Projecting his idea, Bezos presented his idea of ​​Amazon to the company he was working at. However, the company he worked for was not affected by this project. Bezos resigned when this project was not accepted and took his first step on the road to billionaire.

Bezos, the founder and owner of the “Amazon”, which was launched on July 16, 1995, was 30 years old when he set up the site for the purpose of selling books on the internet.

Bezos, who previously mentioned that he found the name of the site in the dictionary on many different platforms, also explained that he trusted the idea that the name would be remembered due to the Amazon Forests. Jeff Bezos later saved Amazon from being a book-only platform and turned it into a global shopping site.

Amazon, which was offered to the public in 1997, received much more attention than expected. Bezos used his income from here to grow Amazon. It expanded the warehouses of Amazon and strengthened the software infrastructure of the site.

Two years later, he was shown as one of the new generation entrepreneurs. In the same year, he became a cover of Time magazine. Amazon couldn’t profit for years. However, with the support of investors, the company founded by Bezos came out of the dot com balloon, where many sites went bankrupt.

The calendars were showing 2001 when the shopping site announced its first profit. That year, Amazon made a profit of only $ 5 million. He moved his reading habits to digital with Kindle, which he released in 2007.

He also owns a space company called Bezos Blue Origin, which has been investing in space technologies in recent years. Jeff Bezos has devoted a significant amount of budget to Blue Origin. In 2003 he returned from death while exploring by helicopter in Texas to look for land suitable for Blue Origin.

Everyone in the helicopter, who was hit by the strong wind, survived. When members of the press asked Bezos about the accident, his reaction was only to laugh.

Bezos has revealed how much importance you attached to this company by selling 1 billion dollars of Amazon stock each year and stating that it will transfer this amount to Blue Origin.

The reason why Bezos spends so much money on space, “We have to go to space to save the world and humanity. The fate of those who come after us depends on it. The world is a small planet. The population is growing rapidly. Accordingly, the climate changes and the environment becomes polluted. We are destroying the world. ”

How Washington Post writer Christian Davenport tackled tech billionaires to NASA, He named his book ‘The Space Barons’, which he described as becoming important figures in space racing.

Apparently, as suggested in the book published in 2018, the 21st century will be the ‘age of space barons’ that these names will mark.

In July 2018, his fortune rose to $ 150 billion. By doing so, Bezos left Microsoft founder Bill Gates behind, becoming the richest person in the world. Bezos’ current personal wealth is estimated at $ 178 billion.

Written by Maraaz

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