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Italian tech millionaire Alberto Genovese detained for sexual abuse

In Italy, technology company millionaire Alberto Genovese detained on the grounds that he sexually abused an 18-year-old girl at his party last month.

Alberto Genovese (43), technology company millionaire in Italy, attended drug party in October, An 18-year-old girl detained on the grounds that he sexually abused her and forcibly used drugs.

In the news in the British media, Roberto Bolle, considered one of the superstars of the ballet world, lived in the building where the party held, stated that informed the police after he complained about the voices coming from the roof.

It reported that the police knocked on Genovese’s door and broke the door of the house after no response. The young girl who claimed to have sexually abused her stated to the police that she tried to resist but failed. The doctor, who examined the wounds of the young girl who hospitalized after the blows, said, “I’ve never seen anything so cruel.”

Detained Genovese, in his first statement to the police, said that he lost control while using drugs. Investigation into the incident continues.

Written by Maraaz

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